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The historic passing of The Sergeant First Class (SFC) Heath Robinson Honoring our Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics (PACT) Act that focuses on exposure to toxic Burn Pits would not have been possible without THE advocacy and years of telling the stories of those who need this essential support.  Since the PACT Act was passed August 10, 2022, VBA has already taken significant steps to prepare for when claims processing begins January 1, 2023. These efforts include making toxic exposure screening available and retroactively allowing Veterans to apply for benefits regarding more than 20 new presumptive conditions introduced under the PACT Act as of August 10. The below information will assist you as you navigate your PACT ACT claim. 


The MCRA latest PODCAST was focused on the Marine Aerial Refueler Squadron (VMGR) Memorial. This memorial will be built Semper Fidelis Memorial Park at the National Museum of the Marine Corps. The PODCAST featured LtCol Courtney O'Brian, CO - VMGR-352; GySgt Jacob Cobb, USMC (Ret); Sherry Kevianne, she lost her husband on Yanky-72; Jennifer Hermann, she lost her husband on SUMO-41; and Mr. Johnathan Keene who developed the project. Click on the photo below to learn all about the memorial. 


We now have 10 new PODCASTS for your enjoyment. Please listen and leave a comment to improve our content. Best, we would appreciate it if you were to share. 

Marine Corps Aviation is Being Crippled by Unwise
and Unnecessary Divestments in Force Structure and Aircraft 

This article was written by Retired Marine Corps General Officers, Amos, Dake and Knutson. This is a powerful wakeup call for those who should have known that Marine aviation is being significantly weakened but did not.  The ugly truth is 200 aircraft have been or will be jettisoned from the active force  (29% of the inventory): 44 advanced MV-22 tiltrotors (22%) , 30 new AH-1Z attack helicopters (29%), 24 new UH-1Y utility helicopters (29%), 48 new CH-53K state-of-the art heavy lift helicopters (38%), and 54 fifth-generation F-35B fighter/attack jets (28%). To read full aritcle, click here.

Spearheading the project to build the VMGR Memorial and coordinating ALL donations is the Marine Corps Air Transport Association.  MCATA has established multiple means to support the building of THIS LONG OVERDUE MEMORIAL. The Association fully supports the building of the Monument, we hope you will consider supporting the effort. 


Welcome Home Heros

The life story of Brigadier General Michael I. Neil is one that should be celebrated for its heroism and sense of service. He has fought his entire adult life for the rights and freedoms of others at great peril to himself. Not only as a Marine but as a lawyer. Within these pages, you will find his shocking call to action during the Vietnam war and the ultimate message he hopes you will find in your heart to convey to the, still, underappreciated soldiers of the conflict itself. Welcome Home!

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Jerry Ensminger testifies about toxic chemicals at Camp Lejeune that caused daughter’s death


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