MCRA serves members of the Marine Corps Reserve through promotion of professional development, advocacy for the Marine Corps Reserve, furthering the relevance and value of the Marine Corps Reserve and its individual members, and advancing the interests of the total United States Marine Corps in order to preserve the security of the United States


In conjuction with Marine Forces Reserve and the Marine Corps University, the MCRA is soliciting submissions for the 2022 CWO-4 VENON LEUBECKER PRIZE ESSAY CONTEST. 

The annual Marine Corps Reserve Prize Essay Contest invites participants to answer the following question:

"With the current restructuring of the TOTAL FORCE to support FORCE DESIGN 2030, and the development of near peer capabilities around the world, what skill sets should the Marine Corps Reserve focus on?"

The contest is open to all Marines, active and reserve, as well as Marine Corps veterans and retirees. Send your entry to as an attachment. A cover page should be included identifying the manuscript as a "Prize Essay Contest" entry and include the title of the essay and name(s) of the author(s). Repeat the title on the first page. There will be a 1,800-word limit on all entries, exclusive of title page and reference page. Multiple entries are allowed, however only one may receive an award. Manuscripts will only be accepted digitally.

FIRST PLACE is $1,000, SECOND PLACE is $500, and THIRD PLACE is $250. Each winner will also receive an engraved plaque. ALL entries are eligible for publication.

DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSION: 21 MAY 2022                                   PDF INSTRUCTIONS


The mid-year meeting will be held 22 & 23 April, 1230 - 1700 Eastern each day. Due to the COVID, this will be conducted via ZOOM. This is going to be a great event. CONFIRMED presentations include: MARINE CORPS UNIVERSITY - "U.S. & THE PACIFIC"; NATIONAL MARINE CORPS MUSEUM - "HOW THE CORPS PROTECTED THE EARLY REPUBLIC"; MARINE FORCES RESERVE & the NEW - "MARINE INNOVATION UNIT." For the first time we will set our FEDERAL LEGISLATIVE AGENDA for the year, allowing the Association & members to focus efforts. There will be updates from our MEMBERSHIP ENGAGEMENT - PODCAST - COMMUNICATIONS Workgroups. Select the button below to register. Once you register, you will receive updates to the meeting. We look forward to seeing you there.


For the past 25 years the Association has conducted an Annual Golf Tournament. For the past 10 years, this tournament was used to raise funds for the Semper Fi &America's Fund. To date, we have raised over $250,000 for this amazing organization. We will be unable to hold a tournament again this year due to COVID concerns. But, we are determed to continue our support. We are doing this by holding an "on-line"raffle and we recommend you  get your tickets fast as there are only 300. There will be ONE CASH AWARD, only one ONE person will walk away with $10,000!! The remaining funds will be donated to the Semper Fi & America's Fund. The cost is ony $100 per ticket. As soon as the 300 are sold, we will conduct the drawing on-line. Get your tickets now by clicking here......


The MCRA has been working dilegently on expanding our social media outlets.  We are now on YOU-TUBE and SPOTIFY!


We now have 4 new PODCASTS for your enjoyment. Please listen and leave a comment to improve our content. Best, we would appreciate it if you were to share. 

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