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Why join?

There are many reasons to join the MCRA. Here are just a few:

  • Support the Marine Corps Reserve: Your membership dues will help us to continue our valuable work in supporting the Marine Corps Reserve and its members.

  • Connect with other Marines: The MCRA provides a unique opportunity to connect with other Marines, past and present.

  • Professional development: The MCRA offers a variety of professional development opportunities for your professional and personal development. 

  • Advocacy: Why not support the ONLY Association dedicated to advocate for the Marine Corps Reserve in Congress and across the country.

  • Personal well-being: The MCRA provides support programs for Marines and their families. Joining the MCRA is joining something LARGER than any one person for a greater cause...a mission that resonates within the heart of every Marine. 

Membership Benefits include a variety of benefits:

  • A monthly electronic newsletter: The MCRA newsletter keeps you up-to-date on the latest news and events.
  • Discounts, special pricing on products and services: MCRA members can save money on a variety of products and services, including insurance, travel, and merchandise.
  • Exclusive access to MCRA events to include professional development training; mentorship program; advance notice on webcast programs and our PODCASTs; and invitations to represent the Association at events across the country.

We encourage you to join the MCRA today. Your membership will help us to continue our important work of supporting the Marine Corps Reserve and its members. We will work tirelessly on your behalf to ensure a ready, relevant, and respected Marine corps Reserve. We will continue to remind everyone of the importance of the Reserve Marines. Think of the possibilities...the greater our numbers, the greater our voice. This you can be certain of, as long as there is a Marine Corps Reserve, there will be a Marine Corps Reserve Association. I request you join us today. 

Semper Fidelis,
Paul K Hopper
Col.   USMC(Ret)
National President & CEO


Any member of the Marine Corps Reserve on active duty, inactive duty, retired, or who served honorably and received an honorable discharge; or any regular officer or enlisted member of the United States Marine Corps in a retired status; shall be eligible for active membership upon payment of dues for this class of membership as set by the Board of Directors. Active membership, once established, will not be changed if the member's status changes from reserve to regular.

To begin your process you will need to complete the application. Additionally, you will need to submit a copy of your DD-214 or a copy of your ID Card to the following email: USMCRA@USMCRA.ORG

RED and GOLD membership dues will go toward supporting the many programs the Association offers. BENEFACTOR dues will be donated to the MCRA Life Trust..



Monthly payment/Yearly payment









Monthly Newsletter * * * *
Ability to attend Mid-Year & Annual Meeting * * * *
Access to MCRA PODCAST * * * *
Weekly "E Bullet"   * * *
Legislative Representation   * * *
Membership Pin (if never received before)   * * *
Ability to vote on Association ByLaws - Board - Officers   * * *
Access to MCRA Job Board     * *
Ability to hold Office     * *
Early access to MCRA PODCAST     * *
MCRA T-Shirt (When first time join at level)     * *
Invitation for special MCRA Events     * *
Name on BENEFACTOR SECTION of MCRA Webpage       *
Recognition at Annual Meeting with special seating       *


Any regular officer or enlisted now in the United States Marine Corps; any individual who has served honorably in the United States Marine Corps; any officer or enlisted of any other service of the United States who at one time was attached to a unit of the United States Marine Corps or its reserve; any Naval ROTC midshipman who has elected a Marine option; and any member of the United States Marine Corps platoon leaders class who has completed his training for commission is eligible for associate membership.


With corporate sponsorship comes unique opportunities. Companies that become sponsors of the Association will:

  • FIRST & FOREMOST, you will have the FULL support of the Association in your mission
  • have your brand displayed on a special location of the Association's HOME webpage
  • have access to the membership of the Association 
  • will be allowed to submit articiles in the "E-Word" quarterly
  • additionally, you will have your brand displayed on each "E-Bullet" with your website linked in your ad 

We are excited you would like to become a sponsor. However, we will not allow any company. Your mission must support the mission of the Association. Interested in having the FULL support of the Marine Corps Reserve....complete the registration & once approved, we will gladly accept your donation.