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New VA pilot pharmacy program provides consultations to women Veterans centered around women’s health treatment


Today, the Department of Veterans Affairs’ MidSouth Health Care Network's Clinical Resource Hub (CRH) announced that it is piloting a virtual consultation program through September 2024 that delivers specialized clinical pharmacy care as part of VA’s continued efforts to improve access to health services for women Veterans.

The program will virtually connect a women’s health clinical pharmacist practitioner to both providers and Veterans at VA facilities needing support addressing issues around women’s health treatments.

“Women make up 30% of all new patients at VA facilities, and this pilot program promises to deliver highly-specialized care,” said Dr. Michelle Moseley, Clinical Resource Hub Pharmacy Section Chief. “Women Veterans are VA’s fastest growing demographic, and through programs like this, VA is working to ensure our health care providers are equipped to provide timely, accessible, and high-quality care for Women Veterans – no matter where they live.”

The CRH’s clinical pharmacist practitioner will be able to prescribe medications and work with providers to address issues around medication selection, dosage and monitoring specific to women, including oral contraceptives, hormone replacement therapies, infertility treatments, osteoporosis, medications used during and after pregnancy and lactation, and menopausal care.

Learn more about how CRH provides specialty care services for Veterans when facilities experience challenges that affect access to care at VA. Contact VISN 9 Public Affairs Officer David DeRemerat 615-695-2172 for more information.

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