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On 18 November the MCRA presented Rep. John Kline (MN-2) with the Maj. Frank Tejeda Congressional Leadership Award.  The MCRA was privileged to have the CG, Marine Forces Reserve, LtGen Rex McMillian, present the award.

This prestigious honor has been awarded to some of the Nations’ most influential Congressional leaders. The MCRA is proud to recognize Rep. Kline for both his military service as a Marine and his service in Congress, particularly his unwavering support of our nations’ veterans and service members. 

Named after Maj. Frank Tejeda (USMC), this award was created to honor those members of Congress that display the highest level of commitment to addressing issue effecting veterans and service members. Maj. Frank Tejeda embodied a level of commitment to our men and women in uniform, which stemmed from his own service in the Corps. He also served his Texas community as an attorney, Texas State Representative, Senator, and ultimately as a United States Congressman from the 28th District of Texas.

Rep. Kline served as a Marine Corps officer for 25 years.  He was a Naval Aviator, flying “Marine One” for President Ronald Reagan and he was the Marine Military Aide to both Presidents Carter and Reagan, where he was responsible for carrying the “football.”

As the Congressman from Minnesota, he serves on the House Armed Service Committee, fighting for veterans on a variety of issues including: VA healthcare reform, ensuring Tricare coverage and funding, and protecting victims of sexual assault in the National Guard.  

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