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4 Reminders About Getting Care With TRICARE For Life

4 Reminders About Getting Care With TRICARE For Life

FALLS CHURCH, Va.  –  Whether you’re new to TRICARE For Life (TFL) or you’ve had it for years, you may have questions about getting care with TFL. TFL is Medicare-wraparound coverage for military retirees and their family members who are TRICARE-eligible and have Medicare Part A and Part B. Medicare is your primary health coverage when you have TFL. “This means that Medicare pays first on a health care claim,” said Anne Breslin, TRICARE For Life program manager. “TRICARE pays second, or last if you have other health insurance.”
Knowing how Medicare coverage works can help you avoid unexpected costs. Read on to learn tips for getting care with Medicare.

1. Know where you can use Medicare

2. Know your provider options and their costs

3. Know what Medicare and TRICARE cover

4. Know how Medicare Advantage Plans work

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