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  • Attending: 11
  • Seats: Unlimited
  • Remaining: Unlimited
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HOTEL: Atlanta Marriott Northwest at Galleria
ADDRESS: 200 Interstate North Parkway SE, Atlanta, Georgia 30339 
PRICE: $121/night (this is the local per diem rate)

Dates: Thursday, 12 Oct - Sunday 15 Oct LAST DAY TO RESERVE SPECIAL RATE: 21 September 2023

LINK TO RESERVE ROOMBook your group rate for US Marine Corps Reserve Association 


Thursday – 12 Oct  DRESS - Casual
1730 – No host social at hotel bar

Friday – 13 Oct: Dress - MCRA Board Members - Blue MCRA Polo Shirts
0730 – 0830     Registration                    Hotel Lobby    Coffee, light pastries
0845               Opening ceremonies         Conf Rm xx
0900               Opening remarks                                  Guest speaker
                      Status of the Association                        Robert Donaghue
                                                                                 Executive Director
                      Voting matters                                      New Leadership
                                                                                 Report out on ByLaws


1100               Report on 118th Congress                        Frank Wickersham
                                                                                   VP, Legislation
                      Communication Report                            Brittney St. Clere
                                                                                   VP, Communications
                      Financial Report                                   
                      - 2023 Budget                                       Frank Corte
                      - Trust Funds                                         Thomas Howlett
                                                                                  Trust Funds Director 

1300 – 1345     LUNCH
1345               Muster                    Hotel parking lot – travel to CLR-45   
1400               Tour                       Meet – greet – tour of CLR-45 leadership
1600               Tour ends                      Depart for hotel

1800 -1930      Leadership Reception        Conf Rm XX      MCRA to host VIPs
                                                                                    CLR-45, local GOs
                      NOTE: MCRA Board – Business casual

Saturday - 14 Oct: Dress - MCRA Board Members - White MCRA Polo Shirt

0730 – 0830    Registration            Hotel Lobby            Coffee, light pastries 0845              Welcoming              Conf Rm xx            
0830               State of the MCRA   Conf Rm xx             Paul K. Hopper
                                                                                 National President

0930              WG Breakout          Conf Rms xx
                      - Budget WG
                      - Communications WG
                      - Legislation WG
                      - State Engagement WG

1130              Lunch

1230              Report out of WGs   Conf Rm xx             Discussion permitted

1330              Special PME
                      - Presentation on “Bones of my Grandfather” Sandy Bonnyman
                      - VA “Wholehealth”

1600              Geopolitical Factors facing the United States in the Pacific

  • LtGen Larry Nicholson, USMC(Ret) former III MEF Commander
    MajGen Brad James, USMCR(Ret) former MarForKorea Commander
    "Logistical and Supply Challenges facing United States in the Pacific": Marine Corps Combat Development Command

1830 - 2030: MCRA hosted Reception for CLR-45 Marines and Sailors

NOTE: MCRA Board – Business casual

Sunday - 15 Oct
0730: Association breakfast
0900 - 1200: (if needed - Association business)
1300: Check out of hotel

**Details will be added as developed**

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Frank Corte1
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Robert Donaghue1
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Frank Wickersham III2