The Association Recognizes LtGen Bellon's Service, Welcomes LtGen Anderson
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The Association Recognizes LtGen Bellon's Service, Welcomes LtGen Anderson

New Orleans, LA

The Marine Corps Reserve Officers Association (The Association) was honored to have participated in the recent Change of Command ceremony of Marine Forces Reserve (MARFORRES) and Marine Forces South (MARFORSOUTH) on March 22nd. The ceremony marked the transfer of leadership from LtGen David G. Bellon to LtGen Leonard F. Anderson IV.

LtGen Bellon's Enduring Support

The Association extends its deepest gratitude to LtGen Bellon for his unwavering commitment to the Marine Corps Reserve throughout his distinguished career. LtGen Bellon's dedication is exemplified by his command of over 90,000 Marines at MARFORRES, his assumption of MARFORSOUTH leadership in 2022, and his 35 years of exemplary service in both the Active and Reserve components.

LtGen Bellon's strong partnership with The Association is particularly noteworthy. He became a Life Member, championed the reinstatement of the Congressional Leadership Award Program and the MFR/MCRA "CWO4 Vern Leubecker" Essay Contest. He consistently championed the capabilities of the Marine Corps Reserve to everyone. His leadership was especially valuable during challenging times, as he oversaw significant organizational changes in support of Force Design 2030 and made critical decisions regarding manpower and equipment.

In recognition of LtGen Bellon's exceptional service and unwavering dedication, The Association proudly presented him our highest honor, the "NON SIBI, SED PATRIAE" Award ("Not for Self, But for Country"). This prestigious award underscores the profound impact of his leadership to the Marine Corps Reserve and our Country. The award has only been presented three times in the past decade. "Fair winds and following seas" Dave, well done, well done indeed.

A Warm Welcome to LtGen Anderson

The Association extends a warm welcome to LtGen Leonard F. Anderson IV as he assumes command. LtGen Anderson's distinguished career, including his experience as a Naval Aviator and Commanding General of the 4th Marine Aircraft Wing, positions him for exceptional leadership within the Marine Corps Reserve. FULL BIO.

The Association looks forward to a strong and collaborative partnership with LtGen Anderson in the years to come.

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