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Marine Corps Reserve Association Life Membership Trust Earns $ 1,313.53

MCRA Life Membership Trust

The Marine Corps Reserve Association Life Membership Trust received $ 1,313.53 in dividends and interest during the third quarter of 2021. This is in contrast with $ 1,338.26 (revised) received during the corresponding quarter of 2020, a slight decrease of $ 24.73. The revised earnings for 2021 is currently projected to total $ 6,140+. The projection for 2021 does not take into account the effects resulting from additional investments if the Trust receives donations and dues from new life members.

The market value of assets of the Trust as of the end of the day on 30 September 2021 was $ 143,307.67 compared with $ 123,275.40 (revised) at the end of 30 September 2020, an increase of $ 20,032.27. One new life membership of $ 300.00 in dues was added to the Trust assets during the third quarter. This quarter Caterpiller increased its dividend by 7.77%, Cummins increased its dividend by 7%, Illinois Tool Works increased its dividend by 7%, and IBM increased its dividend by 10%. Note that over time the increases in dividends increases the market value of shares in a company. In addition, Old Republic International has announced a special dividend of $ 1.50 per share payable on October 6, 2021 for shareholders of record on September 15, 2021.

Interested parties may make donations directly to the Trust. Make your check payable to: MCRA Life Membership Trust and mail to:

MCRA Life Membership Trust
Attn: LtCol Thomas M. Howlett USMCR(Ret)
1370 Fox River Drive
De Pere, WI 54115-2403

Questions about the Trust should be submitted to:

LtCol Thomas "LPM" Howlett USMCR(Ret)
Founder and Investment Manager

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